Geek Therapy

Are you tired of having a therapist roll their eyes when you talk about gaming? Is it trying to explain that Discord is a chat server and not a state of disharmony? Feeling finished with people who don't understand online friendships are valid social support?

Do you love to play D&D, video games, or other RPGs?

Do you see yourself in the world of Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel, or DC? Maybe you are a big anime fan and have no one in your life who understands where you are coming from. 

Do you walk around singing the soundtrack to Hamilton, Chicago, or Six? Maybe you have no one to share this love with that understands, one, two, kickstep. 

Do you have a love for Disney that others do not understand? Are you searching for someone to talk to about your favorite Princess/Prince/Villain/Sidekick? Maybe you want to debate Pixar theory, and no one else knows what that means. 

Cosplay? Con goer? Code monkey? Constructor of all things Lego? (bonus points for more consonance ideas)

If any of this sounds like you, you have come to the right spot! You deserve a therapist who gets you in all of your delightful nerdiness and awkwardness. Therapy for geeks from a geek therapist might be the support you're looking for.

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