Questions to Ask a Potential Therapist


How much will treatment cost?  

Ask if they have a sliding scale. 

Is there a discount for online or phone sessions as opposed to in-person.

Do you take insurance, and how does that work?

Training and Education:

What is your background and training (i.e., what certification or degrees do you hold)?

What kind of training have you had in working with the LGBTQ population?

How long have you worked in this field?

What kinds of treatment or therapy do you think might help me? (What is your understanding/use of evidence based treatment options?)

What is the length of time that you anticipate treatment will take?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to treatment, including medications?


There are several different modalities of treatment. Individual therapy, Couples therapy, family therapy and group therapy are the most common. Some therapists specialize in one type of modality or offer several.

Age Specialties:

What age range does the therapist specialize in? (Adults, teens, children, families) For example, if you are looking for counseling for an adolescent, ask what percentage of their caseload is within the same age range.

What issues does the therapist specialize in? Are there issues of importance to you? (Substance abuse, ASD, Depression, Anxiety, Gender Dysphoria, Schizophrenia, etc)

What’s your experience with treating other people with problems similar to mine?

What is your experience with treating clients with co-occurring disorders. What is your experience with differential diagnosis?

Cultural Competence of the clinician:

Do you have experience treating people from my cultural background?

Are you familiar with my community’s beliefs, values and attitudes toward mental health? If not, are you willing to learn about my cultural background and respect my perspective?

Have you had cultural competence training?

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