Gender Affirming Care

Gender-Affirming Therapy for Individuals
Exploring, evolving, and living your life authentically takes great courage. Your gender journey is as personal and unique as your relationship to your body and your identity. We support you and know your gender identity is just one part of what makes you an incredible human.

It is an honor and privilege to serve the trans and gender diverse community.

Family & Relationship Dynamics

Your family, no matter how you define it, is an important part of your life. The relationships with family members can be critical in the support of your identity, but can also be a source of tremendous stress, discomfort, or pain.

Your family & relationship dynamics will change throughout your life - beginning with your earliest memories, through your teenage years, and beyond. We provide a safe, confidential space to discuss your family - past, present, and future.

Gender Dysphoria and Medical Interventions

The decision to pursue or not pursue medical, surgical, and/or physical transition procedures is entirely up to you. Choosing one of these interventions may require a diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria as defined by the DSM-5.

We can provide this diagnosis and are happy to do so, but we believe it is an unnecessary barrier for individuals seeking gender-affirming care. Everyone deserves autonomy and access to gender-affirming care without needing a mental health diagnosis.

Gender Affirming Care Letters

If you require a letter for access to gender-affirming care, we can generally complete a letter in one session without needing ongoing therapy. If you are under the age of 18, there may be additional parental or familial considerations, and we are happy to work through those with you.

Letters to begin Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) are not a requirement, and we are happy to write the letter or provide referrals to medical providers who will not require a letter. This may also apply to some gender-affirming surgeries. However, many insurance companies will require a letter from a Licensed Mental Health provider to consider a procedure for coverage.

We'd like you to book a free consultation with us to determine the parameters of your letter and get scheduled. We have limited spots available each month for letter writing; the cost is $150, including PDF copies of your letter.

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